How Does Binary Trading Differ From Other Forms Of Trading?

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Choosing the trading option that is best suited for you may seem confusing if you are not equipped with the right information about them.

Binary trading is gaining popularity compared to other forms of trading such as forex trading. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Let us look at some of the major factors which separate binary trading from Forex trading.

Ease of use:

One of the biggest reasons that make binary trading such a popular choice is its ease of use. Most of the time the trade can be placed in 3 or 4 simple steps.

First, you would need to choose an underlying asset such as a commodity, stock, currency or index. Then choose the expiry time and choose between a Call or Put option. Enter the amount you want to invest and wait till the expiry time.

The process of placing a trade in the forex market is more complex. You need to select additional parameters such that the risks and losses are limited.

Risks involved:

Both binary and forex trading options have their own set of associated risks. Hence it would be a matter of choosing the low-risk option among both.

There are various reasons why people feel that binary trading is a slightly safer option than forex trading. In binary trading, you have complete information about the amount of money you would earn or lose while you place the trade. This enables you to manage your finances well.

Trading in the forex market would require a certain amount of experience. The risk of losing money may be slightly higher for those who have just ventured into trading.


The major factor affecting the profit a trader earns while trading in the binary market is the profit percentage being offered by the broker. A trader would also need to depend on his knowledge and experience to achieve the best trading results.

In binary trading, the trader would know the exact amount of money that the trade would make. It could also help them to manage their money to minimize the losses. They can also make several trades compared to someone trading in the forex market. Forex trading requires more caution.

The decision to choose the best trading option would depend on the type of trader and their personal preferences. Forex trading is more suited for those who want to take it up as a full-time occupation. Binary trading is a trend that is quickly catching the fancy of users worldwide.

One word of caution is to be aware of resources such as binary robots which claim to make binary trading an automatic process. Fintech LTD is one such tool that was in the middle of a controversy with people doubting its authenticity.

It is advisable to choose the correct trading option by understanding the various options completely before taking a decision.

If you Can’t Save try Micro-Investing

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One of the most difficult thing to accomplish is to save. Most millennials (those aged 18 to 35) who were interviewed admitted it was difficult to save money. If you want to have a healthy personal finance, you need to save whatever the cost. The foundation of personal finance starts with saving. Having savings in the form of a bank account is essential for a lot of things. You can have some for personal investment later and put it in 24option or you can use it as a form of emergency funds. Just because you are earning a regular income does not mean it will last forever. Saving something is an assurance that you will not get into financial trouble if ever you lose your job.

Saving can be Difficult

It is true that saving is difficult to do. This is due to the fact that the modern world does not teach this kind of habit. Maybe you should go to to learn how rich people actually save their money. There are so many competitors to the savings habit. One such thing is consumerism. There is a constant barrage of sale and discount items. This includes luxury goods to ordinary consumer items. This is a great temptation to buy. But in the final analysis, as one financial expert said, most of the things that you buy on sales or at a premium discount are either item you don’t actually need or items that you already possess.

Spending is a Lifestyle

One other competitor to saving is the spending lifestyle. With the convenience of credit cards, you can practically buy anything from a pair of socks to a brand new car. Spending is becoming the new lifestyle. This is clearly seen in how millennials spend their money. If you are in this demographic group, try to list down where your money is going. You will discover that most of it go to personal things; things that make you feel good. This makes saving all the more difficult.

business-cash-coin-concept-41301-medium-jpegMicro-Investing is the new Trend

Because of the difficulty in saving and increasing one’s personal finance, experts came up with a trend called micro-investing. In some countries, it works like this: you get an app that monitors your spending. Every time you pay using your credit card, the app rounds off the number and segregate the amount. For instance, if you buy an item worth 47, the app will treat it as 50 and send the 3 to an account where it is saved and accumulated. Although it is still in its infancy, planners have noticed a significant increase in the amount saved. If you spend, there is still a portion saved.

Support is Growing for Micro-Investing

Investing your personal finance can be done with micro-investing. Some local governments are supporting this kind of effort. Some banks are also helping out in this endeavor. The factor of saving money can have a lasting effect on a country’s economy. Researchers have found out that countries with high savings rate are more progressive. The reason is simple. If the banks have plenty of cash, they can lend it out at a low rate. These borrowings, in turn, are used to stimulate business.

Why Real Estate is the Next Big Thing

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The sure road to increasing personal finance is investing. But what do you need to invest in? You can go and try use Top 7 Binary Robots. One promising investment vehicle is real estate. Real estate encompasses a lot of things. It can be raw land, a house with lot included, and a commercial space in a building, an apartment or a condominium unit. The latest trend point to us, that most of the major Asian cities are good places to invest. Even places in the Middle East are good places to invest in. One major driving force is the rise in tourist or travelers. Most individuals are itching to travel and this is a real phenomenon.

a00wz1cxa6It is Currently on the Boom Stage

The market in Asia and the Middle East, in particular, are currently in the Boom Stage. It may become a bust in 5 years but as of today, it is a boom. The reason is twofold: the emergence of the travel for leisure and the decentralization of business locations. Travel for leisure if a worldwide fad. Most of the yuppies and working individuals travel out of their home country at least once a year. Others do travel twice or thrice a year to different destinations outside their home country. This has spawned an online industry of hotel and room bookings. Even homes are sometimes booked by travelers due to the scarcity of hotel rooms.

It requires Little Investment

Investing in real estate requires little initial investment. A recent example is investing in a condominium. You can reserve a condominium unit with very little investment. The equity is also allocated within a 24 month period. This means that you will be shelling out a regular monthly payment and you now own a condominium unit. The whole price will depend on which particular market segment your purchase caters to. If it caters to the average consumer then the amount will be small. If the project caters to the more discriminating consumer, the amount will be bigger. Whatever it is, it will increase your personal finance.


It Gives you Options

Investing in real estate gives you two good options. One option is to keep the investment for yourself and the sell it later. A second option is to sell the investment at once and let a buyer assume the purchase balance. Many individuals have done a good work at doing the second option and increasing their personal finance. The price of the equity will increase from the time you bought it and the time you plan to sell it. The price difference then becomes your profit. Do it the right way and you can really make money. Then you can reinvest your profit in another real estate.

It is Fixed Investment

Real estate is what is termed as fixed investment. You see your investment physically. Unlike stocks or bonds where what you get is a document assuring you that you will get a return on the due date, real estate investments are visible. Since it is visible, it is easy to monitor and most of all easy to take advantage of. You can sell it; you can have it rented or use it for another business project.

Managed Funds may be For You

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If you are dead serious with personal finance, managed funds may be for you. You must start saving and when you have saved enough, you can start dabbling in managed funds. This type of investment may sound intimidating to you. Upon closer inspection, the principles behind it are simple. These are similar to investment instruments that your bank may be offering. Click here to find more about a system called Brit Wealth System. The only difference is that it is on an international scale. You can invest in diverse markets like Asia, China, Australia or Africa. While there is risk involved, fund managers are there to protect you so that your investment can earn well.

It includes International Shares

Managed funds include international shares. These are shares of companies that are registered in the portfolio of your fund manager. Transactions are done online, so your fund manager could be in Asia and you are in America. Fund houses are organized around online transactions so that it will be easy for you to monitor transactions. It is also easy to get in or get out of the investment. To increase your personal finance fast, you may need to get into this type of investment.


euro-593761__180It includes Fixed Income instruments

These type of investment can let your personal finance shoot up fast. Fixed income instrument is investment vehicle that has a pegged interest rate. What happens is that when you invest, you can immediately make calculations for your expected income when the investment matures. This can be any form of fixed investment like bonds, notes, and treasury bills. While it does not pay that much, the risk factor is practically nil. This plays well into the investment equation that less risky investment has lesser returns. Investments with a higher percentage of risk pay higher dividends. This is how personal investment can go.

It includes Infrastructure investments

Infrastructure investments are a little complicated. This is a global transaction that involves you taking part in money being lent to infrastructure projects around the world. Big projects need a large amount of funding. Oftentimes one bank cannot supply it. What fund managers do is to pool resources from different sources to come up with the amount of the loan. The interest here is higher. However, the risk may be higher also. Projects can encounter problems that delay completion and the succeeding payments are affected. You don’t also get paid if this happens.

It includes Financial Management

Managed funds are required to be managed financially. Apart from financial management, your personal finance cannot grow as you use investment like managed funds. Since managed funds are handled by management house with fund managers, your personal investment, even though it may not be substantial are placed in a safe position. Everything is done online, so you will get notices of the status. You may be advised to sell in the case of stock by your fund manager if there is a change of big profit. If there is a loss on your stock price, you may be advised to hold it since it is yet a paper loss. An actual loss happens when you sell at a low price.

Why a Holiday may not be Worth it

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Everyone wants to be on a holiday. Many regard it as a reward for working so hard. While it is not bad to have a few holidays in a year, so many holidays may not be worth it. It can be a strain on your personal finance. The money you spend may well be used to invest in something. This is the problem of millennials (those aged 18 to 35). Do you belong to this demographic group? Generally speaking if you want to have money for your holiday, you should consider the Brit Wealth System. Think it over before you spend a holiday. If you are doing it on a monthly basis or more, you may be overdoing it. It can put you in deep debt.

It is Fun No Doubt

When you think fun, going out on a holiday is fun. Before you jump into your next holiday and join your friends, pause to think. If you are not saving for this holiday, chances are, you will charge it to your credit card. Your credit card charges interest on the amount. In most cases, it is 5 percent. If you cannot pay on time, there is another charge of 2.5 percent at least. Before the fun, think of the pain it will bring you later. The next time to go on a holiday, save for it and don’t charge it on credit. You will have a lesser headache that way.

pexels-photo-131921-medium-jpegIt makes you Lose Focus

To many people, going on a holiday is an activity to be in focus after working so hard. This may not be the case. When the bills start coming in, you will instead lose focus and wished you did not go on a holiday. Time moves so fast and bills come in before you know it. When you make a calculation, your entire months earning may not even be enough to pay your holiday bills. When you are on holiday, you don’t limit yourself to food and other areas of entertainment. This is a problem when the bills get in.

It creates Emotional Remorse

When you start thinking about your personal finance and how you might have saved the money you spent on holiday, it creates emotional remorse. You wished you haven’t done and wish you will not do it again. You will lose focus when this happens. One reason millennials jump from one job to another is that when the bills pile up, you will wish you have a better paying job. When the next job opening comes, and the pay is larger than the present one, you jump right in.


It could have been Something Else

A holiday may not be worth it after all. You can go on a scheduled holiday like something that you had planned for months. But going on a holiday on short notice will result in you reaching afterward that you could have done something else. When you think personal finance and investing in something, money spends on unscheduled holiday could have been used for a better purpose. Regret never comes ahead of time. It comes when you have done it and spent so much. Why not use the money you about to spend on holidays and invest it? Do read what Millionaire Blueprint for more details.

How to Use Insurance to Increase Personal Finance

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For many individuals, investing in personal insurance is not a priority. There are some who consider What they do is that they just get a small insurance cover. You must remember that anything can be used to increase your personal finance. This includes personal insurance. You need to calculate by yourself, your ideal amount of coverage. This is the amount of money that the insurer will give as stated in the contract. With that as the point of reference, calculate how to make money out of your coverage. Insurance covers have perks that you can utilize to increase your personal finance. You can then use this to engage in some investment.

Choose an Ideal Insurance Cover

Your insurance professional will calculate his recommended insurance cover. If that person wants to get a bigger commission and incentive, he will over insure you. It means that the recommended insurance cover is over your needs. Since the premium depends on the amount of cover, you will in effect be paying more. You need to personally choose your insurance cover. Do study their recommended amount and from there move on to other areas. If you plan to use insurance to increase your personal finance, a detailed study will not hurt you. It will instead help you and guide you.

euro-1159935_960_720Use Your Cash Values

To increase your personal finance, investigate when you are entitled to cash value and how much it is. Cash values are an equivalent value given by the insurance after you have paid premiums for a number of years. When you get the amount of your cash value, do plan ahead what to do with it. Do not use it for a vacation or buying a new car. Use this cash value to increase your finances through a form of investment. By planning ahead, you can make use of the amount of cash you have invested in insurance and use it to invest in another type of investment. Remember that to make money, you need to use the money.

Use your Cover as Collateral

You may not be aware of it but some institutions accept your insurance cover as collateral for a loan or other things. What you will do is that you will execute a deed allowing the company to collect your insurance in the event you die without paying your loan. If you can use this method, get enough resources and invest it in a promising enterprise, you can actually increase your personal finance by 100 percent or more. While there is no danger of not paying the loan, the danger comes in engaging in the wrong type of investment.

Use it as a Hedge

What is a hedge? It is financial protection in the event of an emergency. While insurance is a hedge in concept, there is still much that you can do. You can use it as a hedge for future taxes. This is exactly the reason why you need to calculate your insurance cover to the last figure. If you are landed or you have real estate, taxes will be collected from your heirs. Your insurance cover can serve this purpose well. Also, you can consider the idea of investing in binary options using Banc de Binary. You will be able to have profits that will protect you in rainy days.